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Mohemmed Sadigh     موحه‌مه‌د سدیق -

- Painting.Painters.

Mohemmed Sadigh
 Online Gallery: 13 / 13
The power of artistic imagination bestowed the human civilization and certitude the world of sophistication and wonders. This powerful motivation manifests itself in variety of degrees and in every aspect of our lives. The manifestation of life reveals in different ways and by different means of presentation, either it is an African mask or the statue of David by Michelangelo. It is for reflection of the glory of life among other reasons that we should appreciate the works of art and cherish them.
Phone Fax: Tel: 610-861-2832
Email: E-mail:mksadigh AT rcn.com
Website: mksadigh.com


The Art Gallery of Ontario Centennial Exhibition 1966, Expo 67 Montreal Canada, Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts (Group Exhibition) 1968, Place Des Arts Montreal 1969 (Group Exhibition), Sherbrook University Sherbrook PQ 1969. Gallery Libre Montreal (Solo Exhibitions) From 1966 to 1976, First Biennial Exhibition Of ( Canadian Artists participants ) Barcelona 1972, Vanguard II Montreal 1974 - 76, Macy Gallery Columbia University NYC 1980, First Tehran Biennials 1958- 60--62, Tehran University Solo Exhibition 1962, Rang Art Gallery New Jersey 1987- 1989 Solo Exhibitions, Suite 16 Cultural Center 1989, University Of Booalicina (Group Exhibition) Washington DC 1990, Galleries D' Exposition Du Centre Strathern Montreal 1991, Social Services Committee of PCHA New Jersey Exhibition & Lecture 1993. Iranian Association for Art & Culture Washington DC Solo Exhibition & Lecture 1994.


1956 Kamalolmolk School Of Fine Arts Tehran
1956 Teachers' College Club Tehran
1957 Teachers' College Club Tehran
1958 Gothe House, German Cultural Center Tehran
1962 Tehran University Tehran
1965 Iran Modern Art Gallery Tehran (OP Art Exhibition)
1966 Gallery Libre Montreal (Optical Calligraphic Exhibition)
1967 Gallery Libre Montreal (Black & White Period)
1967 EXPO 67 Montreal (Canadian Pavilion)
1967 Veudreauil Cultural Center P.Q.
1968 Veudreauil Cultural Center P.Q.
1968 Gallery Libre Montreal
1969 Gallery Libre Montreal
1970 Gallery Libre Montreal
1971 Veudreauil Cultural Center P.Q.
1972 Gallery Libre Montreal
1974 Vanguard II Gallery Montreal
1974 Vanguard II Gallery Montreal (Color Field Exhibition)
1975 Vanguard II Gallery Montreal (Exhibition Of Drawings & Prints)
1976 Gallery Libre Montreal
1976 Vanguard II Gallery Montreal
1980 Macy Gallery Teachers' College Columbia University NYC
1987 Rang Art Gallery (I established this gallery) Transitional Period
1989 Rang Art Gallery (Figurative Expressionism, Large Works)
1989 Suite 16 Art & Cultural Center NYC
1993 Social Services' Committee of PCHA New Jersey
1994 Iranian Association for Art & Culture Washington DC


1962 B.F.A. Tehran University
1978 M.A.A.ED Concordia University Montreal CANADA
1982 ED.D. Columbia University NYC


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