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Alan Mardan     ئالان مه‌ردان -

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Alan Mardan
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Awazi Soz3 Min, 5 Sec RAM Listenئاوازی سۆز
 Xosewistim3 Min, 52 Sec RAM Listenخوشه‌ویستم
 Grri Duri4 Min, 22 Sec RAM Listenگڕی دووری
 Malli_Dill4 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenماڵی دڵ
 Nacari4 Min, 42 Sec RAM Listenناچاری
 Engustile U Penjeket4 Min, 46 Sec RAM Listenئه‌نگوستیله‌ و په‌نجه‌که‌ت
 Her Demewe8 Min, 2 Sec RAM Listenهه‌ر ده‌مه‌وێ
Total: 7 Songs 33 Min, 27 Sec 
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Alan Mardan i s a singer from Kurdistan ( Kirkuk). He was grown up in a musical family. His father Kadir Mardan is a famous singer and musician as well as his brother Handren Mardan. Alan\'s career began in early age by following his family into concerts and musical events. During his adolescence Alan moved with his family to Sweden. There he developed his musical scheme more. He attended in many performances and appearances with great success and brilliant critics.
His passion for music became very strong during the years therefore he decided make his inspiration into creation. By the support of his close friend and producer Sarmad Alwadi, Alan achieved his first album Engustilew Penjeket. England was Alan\'s next step to to improve his natural talent.
Birthplace: Kirkuk - که‌رکووک
Phone Fax: 0044 783 5454 4492
Website: www.alanmardan.com
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