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Amir Xeyat     ئه‌میر خه‌یات -

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Amir Xeyat
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Be Qamet Xeraman4 Min, 11 Sec RAM Listenبه‌ قامه‌ت خه‌رامان
 Bi Qarar Mawm Sheyda5 Min, 42 Sec RAM Listenبێ قه‌رار ماوم ، شه‌یدا
 Bo Mehabad2 Min, 45 Sec RAM Listenبۆ مه‌هاباد
 Bulbuli Sheyda3 Min, 59 Sec RAM Listenبۆلبۆلی شه‌یدا
 Bzei To6 Min, 43 Sec RAM Listenبزه‌ی تۆ
 Dlbere , Dil Bi Qerera2 Min, 19 Sec RAM Listenدڵبه‌رێ ،دڵ بێ قه‌راره‌
 Ey Nigar3 Min, 51 Sec RAM Listenئه‌ی نیگار
 Eywey Belerzane5 Min, 23 Sec RAM Listenئه‌ی وه‌ی به‌ له‌رزانه‌
 Naley Judaiy4 Min, 19 Sec RAM Listenناله‌ی جودایی
 Rohi Shirinim Nehat3 Min, 34 Sec RAM Listenڕۆحی شیرینم نه‌هات
 Were Ey Bulbuli Sheyda4 Min, 54 Sec RAM Listenوه‌ره‌ ئه‌ی بۆلبۆلی شه‌یدا
 Xonchei Ber Beyani3 Min, 31 Sec RAM Listenخۆنچه‌ی به‌ر به‌یانی
Total: 12 Songs 51 Min, 11 Sec 
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Amir was born in the surroundings of the city of Mahabad in the eastern part of Kurdistan. After some years Amir and his family moved to Mahabad there he began to study.

His interest in music grew at the same time. As a teenager he had never possiblity to realize his dreams as a singer, but Amir sung for his friends. When state of emergancy was proclaimed during the nights he went out and sang kurdish national anthems. he was arrested and put into prison. When he was released he left Kurdistan and ended upp here in Sweden.

He has released two albums "Xeraman 2000" and "Dilbera 2003". He is now planing for his third album.
Birthplace: Mahabad - Kurdistan
Website: amirxeyat.com/
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