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Ayad Hosein     ئه‌یاد حوسه‌ین -

- Music.Singers.

Ayad Hosein
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Halparkia Zamawanda3 Min, 7 Sec RAM Listenهه‌لپه‌رکیه‌ و زاماوه‌نده‌
 Mamay Rish Spy3 Min, 43 Sec RAM Listenمامه‌ی ریش سپی
 Xoday Ashiq Datgri4 Min, 1 Sec RAM Listenخودای ئاشێق ده‌تگرێ
 Wa Bahara4 Min, 21 Sec RAM Listenوا به‌هاره‌
 Taza Royi Am Nazdara4 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenتازا رۆیی ئه‌م نازداره‌
 Wara Frishtay Chyay4 Min, 44 Sec RAM Listenوه‌ره‌ فریشته‌ی چیایی
 Jigay Joan5 Min, 50 Sec RAM Listenجیگای ژوان
 Hizy Binay Chawanim.6 Min, 56 Sec RAM Listenهێزی بحنایی چاوانم
Total: 8 Songs 37 Min, 20 Sec 
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The name Ayad were does it comes from, what does it mean? The name Ayad comes orginally from arabian, but there is a village in Kurdistan named Hiat.
Which artists do you like right now?
Hassan Zirak, Tahir Tofiq, Sabah Fakri, Om Kalthom, Ali Mardan.
What kind of movies do you like?
What´s most importent for you? love or the carriare?
Do you have any sisters or brothers?
we are 4 brothers and 4 sisters.
What do you do when you got the day of?
I´m visiting my friends.
If a fan invites you to dinner, would you say yes?
It depends if I`ve got the time.
You are a great singer, but what are you really bad at?
Im not good at laughing.
Would you considder to be friend with a fan?
Yes, why not?
Name three things that you would like to bring on a desert iland?
Bread, cellphone, and mine saz.
Which languages can you speak?
Kurdish, Arabish, Turkish, English and Swedish.
Have you ever tried smoking?
Yes, my first loce did it and I was about sixteen years old.
Witch hand do you write with?
How would you describe your room?
Verry nice, cosy and artistic.
What is the most flatering a fan have done for you?
When they give me and gets atention.
What`s the best that ever huppend to you?
When Saddams regim went under.
How dou you relax best?
When I listen to calm music.
Best vacation memory?
Grecee, 1999.
Your favorite artist right now?
There are mandy but right now is Ziad Assad my favorite artist.
Favorit food?
Rise and Bamia.
Do you like to cook?
Yes, it can be very funny.
If you didn`t work with music what would like to do insted?
Maybe on a hospital, work with people.
The best consert memory?
Sweden, Kista.
Birthplace: Baghdad
Website: www.huseinsharifi.com
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