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Azhdar Wahbi     ئه‌ژده‌ر وه‌هبی -

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Azhdar Wahbi
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Ashqikey Ser Helgry Tu4 Min, 39 Sec RAM Listenئه‌شقه‌که‌ی سه‌ر هه‌لگری تۆ
 Ay Belenja U Belenja4 Min, 28 Sec RAM Listenئای به‌له‌نجه‌ و به‌له‌نجه‌
 Bawer Meke Ager Kesi...4 Min, 43 Sec RAM Listenباوه‌ر مه‌که‌ ئه‌گه‌ر که‌سێ...
 Bes Em Jare ,Ashtim Kerewe4 Min, 57 Sec RAM Listenبه‌س ئه‌م جاره‌ ئاشتم که‌ره‌وه‌
 Bro Ey Dil5 Min, 34 Sec RAM Listenبرۆ ئه‌ی دڵ
 Bryvanim Bryvanim6 Min, 25 Sec RAM Listenبریوانم . بریوانم
 Dayey Shirynim3 Min, 57 Sec RAM Listenدایه‌ی شیرینم
 Emshew Dlim Bo Garibe?7 Min, 41 Sec RAM Listenئه‌مشه‌ۆ دڵم بۆ غه‌ربه‌؟
 Ey Tabibi Ishqekey Min7 Min, 2 Sec RAM Listenئه‌ی ته‌بیبی ئه‌شقه‌که‌ی من
 Le Namey Yarim Awa Nusrawe4 Min, 35 Sec RAM Listenله‌ نامه‌ی یارم ئاوا نوسراوه‌
 Yara Min Yara Min5 Min, 14 Sec RAM Listenیارا من یارا من
Total: 11 Songs 59 Min, 15 Sec 
Azhdar Wahbi Ebrahim was born in the Iraqi Kurdistan city of Suleimaniyah the origin of most of the famous and well-known Kurdish artists, musicians and singers. Under the time was Azhdar active in music and sang. In 1992 when Azhdar was 15 years old, he performs at Halabja festival and he came on the first place there. He sang “Hawari minali Halabja”. A couple of years later they offer him to begin at music school in Suleimaniyah and his dream went fulfilment.
He performs at different concert under the time he studied. He did 5 songs plus some songs that he sang under festivals.
Birthplace: Suleimaniyah
Website: www.azhdar.com/
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