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Bahman Ghambari     به‌مه‌ن قه‌مبه‌ری -

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Bahman Ghambari
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Bahman Ghanbari is a kurd from the the \"Kermashan\" region in the eastern part of Kurdistan. Now he lives in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. After many years of playing music (keybord) with his friends and other musicians in Sweden, he began to also sing. Because of his special love to the Violin instrument he bought one and began to play that instrument to, now he gets private lessons in violin every week. To play music and to sing is the most important thing in his life, he says, beside his family and the good friend in his life. Bahman is allmost a selflearned musician, because the first years that he began to play the keybord he had not a teacher. He bougt books and studied by himself at home. But after the elementary shcool he studied music at a privateschool in Stockholm. When Bahman is not singing or playing music, he listens to music. Sometimes to just enjoy music, and other times to learn from listening. Bahman says, \"as a musician i think the best way to be a better musician is to listen to all sort of music,\". In the last years Bahman has worked with different musicians and singers. He is now working on his own songs, the most time at his homestudio. The style of the songs that he like to sing is many different styles, from kurdish folklore songs to modern pop and dance.
Birthplace: Kermashan
Email: bahmanmusic AT hotmail.com
Website: www.bahmanmusic.com/
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