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Dilman Dio     دیلمان دیۆ -

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Dilman Dio
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Ashqy Dlim bi Laneye4 Min, 45 Sec RAM Listenعه‌شقی دلم بێ لانه‌یه‌
 Aziz Tu Xanemi5 Min, 54 Sec RAM Listenئازیز تۆ خانمی
 Azizm4 Min, 57 Sec RAM Listenئازیزم
 Egricey Yar4 Min, 57 Sec RAM Listenئه‌گریجه‌ی یار
 Gwit Li Nabu Bangit kirdim4 Min, 24 Sec RAM Listenگۆێت ڵێ نه‌بوو بانگت کردم
 Hey Xal Hey Xal3 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenهه‌ی خاڵ هه‌ی خاڵ
 Ho Daryakey Bawanim1 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenهۆ ده‌ریایکی باۆانم
 Ho leyly4 Min, 25 Sec RAM Listenهۆ له‌یلێ
 Li Gerin Ba Borwat4 Min, 7 Sec RAM Listenلێ گه‌رێن با بۆروات
 Meremi_Meremi3 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenمه‌ره‌می مه‌ره‌می
 Nazy3 Min, 35 Sec RAM Listenنازێ
 Saqi Bum Tike5 Min, 15 Sec RAM Listenساقی بۆم تێکه‌
 Siney Pir Axim5 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenسینه‌ی پڕ ئاخم
 Swendik Axom Be Sary Te6 Min, 29 Sec RAM Listenسۆێندێک ئه‌خۆم به‌ سه‌ری تۆ
 Zalim bu Bejim Tily3 Min, 50 Sec RAM Listenزالێم بۆ به‌ جێم تێلی
Total: 15 Songs 66 Min, 26 Sec 
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Dilman Dio was born in March 1978 in Suleymania, Kurdistan.
He was only 8 years old when he began to perform with his singing talent in 1989, in Danmark. Dilman Dio sings about true love, dance and folklore. Throug the years he has been an active kurdish singer on the scene across Europe. He has also been performing in concerts and on TV.

Dilman started training on the songs and music together with Dler, who latter became his brother in law. Latter Dilman started playing keyboard, which gave him a great opportunity to move further in life as a musician, which was his greatest dream that time. Together with this he had become a successful artist and musician today.

Dilman Dio had been teaching music for a while both Danish and Kurdish children as a supply teacher at some schools in Denmark. During spare time Dilman goes in for taek wando and became a master in this at the part of Denmark called Sjaelland.

The main idea in Dilamns songs is to satisfy Kurdish people in the cultural needs inside modern music and songs which he writes and will do so in future.
Birthplace: Suleymania - Kurdistan
Website: www.diomusic.com
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