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Hassan Gafor     حه‌سه‌ن غه‌فوور -

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Hassan Gafor
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Gala Galay Omrm1 Min, 53 Sec RAM Listenگه‌ڵا گه‌ڵای عۆمرم
 Giana Xot Wn Meke4 Min, 23 Sec RAM Listenگیانه‌ خۆت ۆن مه‌که‌
 Azizakam Ger Amzany4 Min, 56 Sec RAM Listenئازیزه‌که‌م گه‌ر ئه‌مزانی
 Tube Daburim5 Min, 8 Sec RAM Listenتۆبه‌ ده‌بوورم
 Ho Shoxakay Dam Qoxakay Jalady Min5 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenهۆ شۆخه‌که‌ی ده‌مکۆخه‌که‌ی جه‌ڵادی من
Total: 5 Songs 21 Min, 58 Sec 
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Hassan was born in Kerkuk . At a young age he moved with his family to Hawler. In 1991 he moved yet again with his family to Turkey. The family had to flee Turkey. Hassan now lives in Stockholm continuing with his music and at the same time studying at the SAE institutes soundtechnical course.
Birthplace: Kirkuk - Kurdistan
Email: info AT hassanmusic.com
Website: www.hassanmusic.com
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