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Kamkars Family     كامكاران -

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Kamkars Family
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Sawza maro Sawzali4 Min, 46 Sec RAM Listenسه‌وۆه مه‌رو سه‌ۆزه‌لی
 Shenei Bar beyani5 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenشنه‌ی به‌ر به‌یانی
 Aman Le Lenjav Lar4 Min, 30 Sec RAM Listenئه مان له له‌نجه‌و لار
 Bira Seiran5 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenبێره سه‌یران
 Hai Binin Binin4 Min, 53 Sec RAM Listenهای بێنن بێنن
 Lanek Lanek Lankole4 Min, 23 Sec RAM Listenلانێك لانێك لانكولێ
 Xam Bu Be Yarim4 Min, 53 Sec RAM Listenخه‌م بو به یارم
 Le Maixana5 Min, 9 Sec RAM Listenله مه‌یخانه
 Kabuki4 Min, 49 Sec RAM Listenكابوكێ
 Mosiqa-23 Min, 4 Sec RAM Listenمۆسیقا-2
 Mosiqa_14 Min, 37 Sec RAM Listenمۆسیقا-1
Total: 11 Songs 52 Min, 20 Sec 
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The Kamkars are widely recognised as one of the musical ensembles in Iran today. A
Kurdish family of seven brothers, their sister and her son, from Sena, they were
inspired to play by their father, Hassan Kamkar, one of the good Iranian musicians and
composers of his day and founder of the Sena Academy of Music in the Kurdistan of
Iran. The music of the Kamkars is unique and seems to encompass every shade of emotional
and spiritual experience. Their repertoire is richly diverse, drawing on the ancient
history and long, cultural traditions of the region.
Birthplace: Sine _ Kurdistan
Current Location: , Senna, Sanandaj Iran
Website: www.kamkars.net/
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The Kamkars
Narine - Kamkars Video on Youtube

The Kamkars
Cuwani - Kamkars Video on Youtube

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