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Lorin Berzinji     لۆرین به‌رزه‌نجی -

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Lorin Berzinji
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Lorin Berzinji was born in 1980 in the Kurdish town Qamishlo. She grew up in a large family. Her elder sister and brothers were active in the Kurdish political life and culture. Lorins passion for music grew when she was a child. When she was five years old she started to sing after discovering songs, melodies and lyrics, when she was ten years older family emigrated to Europe and Sweden. The road to Sweden was long and painful and many years of Lories childhood passed (vanished)? During this years. Music was her only solace. It was her father who discovered her feeling for music and her talent for singing, and encouraged her to start a professional career. Lorin started to write her texts and melodies at the age of 14.She has sang in many groups ...
Birthplace: Qamishlo - Kurdistan
Website: www.lorinmusic.com/
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