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Mahabad Ibrahim     مه‌هاباد ئیبراهیم -

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Mahabad Ibrahim
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Aman7 Min, 45 Sec RAM Listenئه‌مان
 Avinya Te3 Min, 7 Sec RAM Listenئه‌وینا ته‌
 Boke Bikem Gazi4 Min, 4 Sec RAM Listenبۆکێ
 Dayike.3 Min, 57 Sec RAM Listenدایکه‌
 nazdar Leil3 Min, 33 Sec RAM Listenنازدار له‌یل
 Kocere Narine5 Min, 58 Sec RAM Listenکۆچه‌رێ نارینێ
 Kurdistana Min3 Min, 3 Sec RAM Listenکۆردستانا من
 Lili Hay Le Mni4 Min, 4 Sec RAM Listenلێ ڵی ، های له‌ من
 Pishti Te4 Min, 26 Sec RAM Listenپشتی ته‌
Total: 9 Songs 39 Min, 57 Sec 
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Mahabad is the daughter of Muhamed Mustafa Zewai. She was born in Hawler city. After a couple of years living in Hawler, her father decided to move the family to Duhok. They stayed in Duhok for 4 years when the revolution started they had to flee to the mountains of Iran. In 1976, Mahabad decided to come to North Dakota U.S and finished her education. As she finished High School she moved to Hollywood to continue her two years education in music. Living in the states was difficult at times because working was the number one priority in making a living. From her childhood mahabad was inspired by three wonderful masters in music, Asha Shan,Muhamed Arraf and Miryem Xan. Their vice and talent motivated Mahabad to pursue her music career which always had this passion in her heart. She developed her own style in music and creative song writing from those talented musicians (Artist). In 1989 for the first time she started performing on stage. When she saw people interested in her voice she began booking parties and getting more serious with this dream. In 1986 she did her first album with a featured artist Sur Gul 1. In 1990...
Birthplace: Hawler
Email: shahi3001 AT hotmail.com
Website: www.mahabadsmusic.net/
External Link I: Click here
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