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Masoud Mohammadi     مه‌سعود موحه‌مه‌دی -

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Masoud Mohammadi
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Xanmi Xanmi , Her Imshew Mivanmi4 Min, 4 Sec RAM Listenخانمی خانمی ، هه‌ر ئه‌مشه‌و میوانمی
 Ne Dengi Dus Di , Ne Yar Dyare4 Min, 5 Sec RAM Listenنه‌ ده‌نگی دووس تێ ، نه‌ یار دیاره‌
 Serchupi kish4 Min, 44 Sec RAM Listenسه‌ر چووپی کێش
 Gesrisirin5 Min, 6 Sec RAM Listenقه‌سرشیرین
 Ahi Sardem Rengi Zerdim5 Min, 54 Sec RAM Listenئاهی سه‌ردم ، ره‌نگی زه‌ردم
 Shirin Zoanim Ermeni6 Min, 5 Sec RAM Listenشیرین زوانم ئه‌رمه‌نی
 Daye6 Min, 30 Sec RAM Listenداڵگه‌ - (دایه‌)
 Halabja6 Min, 37 Sec RAM Listenهه‌له‌بجه‌
Total: 8 Songs 43 Min, 5 Sec 
Masoud Mohammadi was born into a Kurdish patriotic family in 1964. His place of birth was the ancient city of Qesre Shirin in Eastern Kurdistan (Iranian Kurdistan). Masoud was introduced to Kurdish music in his adolescence. He has developed a special relationship to Kurdish music since then. Masoud’s artistic carrier began by playing tambour and later on he also began signing in Kurdish. Masoud holds degrees in engineering and computer science, respectively. He is currently living in Denmark, Where is active role in these cultural associations. Masoud’s active role in these cultural associations has enriched his musical and artistic life, and it has also enabled him to acquire professional skills with regard to his artistic performances.
Birthplace: Qasre Shirin _ Kermashan
Phone Cell: 0045 22 51 35 96
Email: msm AT dhigroup.com
Website: masoudmohammadi.com
External Link I: Click here
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