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Najmedin Xolami     نه‌جمه‌دینی خولامی -

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Najmedin Xolami
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Binaii Du Chawem3 Min, 28 Sec RAM Listenبینایی دو چاوم
 Sine Awaty3 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenسنه ئاواتی
 Baharu Kurdewary3 Min, 51 Sec RAM Listenبه‌هارو كورده‌واری
 Menoto4 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenمنو تۆ
 Chim Beserhat5 Min, 7 Sec RAM Listenچیم به‌سه‌ر هات
 Darmane Zamanem5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenده‌رمانی زامان
 Darunem Xalie5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenده‌ر‌ونێم خالیه
 Dilim Tanga5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenدلێم ته‌نگه
 Griftarim banazy5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenگێرفتارم به نازی
 Serway Beyanan5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenسرۆه‌ی به‌یانان
 Shavane5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenشوانێ
 Shiriin Chaman5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenشیرین چه‌مان
 Music5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenه‌وسیقا
 Tishky Aso5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenتیشكی ئاسۆ
 Le Durew Hatem5 Min, 18 Sec RAM Listenله دوره‌و هاتێم
 Najme Xolami5 Min, 21 Sec RAM Listenنه‌جمه خۆلامی
 Jyiany Delay Kamerany5 Min, 28 Sec RAM Listenژیانی دێله‌ی كامه‌رانی
 Harway Harway5 Min, 30 Sec RAM Listenهه‌روه‌ی هه‌روه‌ی
 Paiiz Paiiz5 Min, 35 Sec RAM Listenپاییز پاییز
 To ShiXany5 Min, 45 Sec RAM Listenتو شێخانی
 Kech Marjan6 Min RAM Listenكچ مه‌رجان
 Xanuman6 Min, 1 Sec RAM Listenخانو‌مان
 Perchi Kall6 Min, 17 Sec RAM Listenپرچی كال
 Meno Dil6 Min, 35 Sec RAM Listenمنو دڵ
 Daye Gian7 Min, 15 Sec RAM Listenدایه گیان
Total: 25 Songs 132 Min, 44 Sec 
Najmadin was born in Sina in 1958. He began his musical career when he was 6 years old. Both his father and his parental uncle were formative influences on his decision to become a musician, while at school he was actively encouraged by both his teacher and his fellow-students to participate in celebrations.

His first album was released when he was 14 years old. His musical career further flourished when he became a professional musician. Participating in concerts
in several Iranian towns. He composed some songs of his own at this time. Gholamis life entered into a new phase after the popular uprising in Iran in 1979.

He released tow albums containing revolutionary themes. His greatest hope was that his music would assist the Kurds in their struggle towards freedom and democracy. Sadly, however things did not turn out
as had been hoped. Gholami like so many other supporters of the revolution in Kurdistan was forced to flee his home town. He joined the freedom fighters in the mountains of Kurdistan in 1979.This new life lasted for almost ten years.
He chose the lyrics of well known Kurdish poets to use in his songs as well as those he himself had written. These were especially popular among young people.

The themes of his songs are the natural beauty of Kurdistan, the beauty of Kurdish womanhood as well as those dealing with freedom and democracy. Gholami was forced to leave Kurdistan in 1989. He immigrated to Sweden where he has recorded two further compact disc which has been played on various Kurdish radios and TV stations. Gholami has released 11 cassettes and 5 compact-discs since 1972

Birthplace: Sanandaj
Website: www.nadjmadin.com/
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