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Narin Feqe     نارین فه‌قی -

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Narin Feqe
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Nalinak Te Gohe Min4 Min, 44 Sec RAM Listenنالێنه‌ک ته‌ گو هێ من
 Nalinak Te Gohe Min4 Min, 21 Sec RAM Listenنالێنه‌ک ته‌ گوهێ من _( مو‌سیقا به‌ ته‌نیا)
 Sive4 Min, 32 Sec RAM Listenسێڤه‌
 Tobe5 Min, 8 Sec RAM Listenتۆبه‌
Total: 4 Songs 18 Min, 45 Sec 
Narîn Feqe was born in the city Dêrek near Qamîshlo, in the south of Kurdistan . She left Kurdistan, along with her family at the age of 10, and 1991 was the year when they moved to Sweden . Far away from her country, culture and her people, the passion for music became even stronger and she pursued a career in singing.

Narîn was inspired and learned to sing from her father, Cudî, who is a well known singer in the kurd community. Cudî is also recognized among kurds all over the world. It was not long before her father recognized the unusual beautiful strength of her voice and realized the possibilities of a success, thus he encouraged her and did the outmost to help his daughter to succeed. Narîn used to sing solo in english on various music performances during her school years. At the age of 19 she also started taking singing lessons at Kulturama, which is Scandinavia's largest school of performing arts in Stockholm . She was given the opportunity there to learn extensively about music in various ways. She is currently studying music by taking private lessons in singing and learn to play the classic piano.

After high school Narîn started to study at Södertörns University College. She has now completed three years of law studies and has chosen a major in political science. She started to sing professionally at the age of 22 after winning the first price at a singing contest in 30 May 2003, arranged by the Kurdish Youth Federation in Stockholm. She continued her musical career, and in Newroz 2005 she will release her first single “Nalinek”, which consists of three songs in Kurmanji. The music is contemporary and a mixture of traditional kurdish music and modern oriental beats. The single is made with various top musicians in Sweden. The single is also a representation of Narîn Feqe’s music, and in the near future she will release her album including more songs to offer her faithful listeners.
Birthplace: Qamîshlo - Kurdistan
Website: www.narinfeqe.com/
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