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qadir Kaban     قادر کابان -

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qadir Kaban
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Be Jari Maly Wiranm6 Min, 22 Sec RAM Listenبه‌چارێ ماڵێ وێرانم
 Dli Girodey Zolfy Xaw Nebi8 Min, 22 Sec RAM Listenدڵێ گیروده‌ێ زۆڵفی خاۆ نه‌بێ
 Hamo Roji Leber Seiry6 Min, 39 Sec RAM Listenهه‌مو رۆژێ له‌ به‌ر سه‌یری
 Jade Colo Siber Bu Katy Beyani5 Min, 32 Sec RAM Listenجاده‌ چۆڵ و سێبه‌ر بوو کاتی به‌یانی
 Romaty Wek Guly Bi Gard5 Min, 55 Sec RAM Listenرومه‌تی وه‌ک گۆڵێ بێ گه‌رد
 Zor Qijy Zerd Serenjy Rakishawim5 Min, 4 Sec RAM Listenزۆر قژی زه‌رد سه‌ره‌نجی راکێشاوم
Total: 6 Songs 37 Min, 54 Sec 
Birthplace: Kurdistan
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Subsequent to the discovery of the mass graves in Khan Dhari, near Abu Ghraib Prison and the recovery of the remains of the well-known Kurdish singer Qadir Kaban. IRDP would like to draw attention to documents related to Mr.Kaban.

According to these documents Mr.Kaban was arrested on 28 Feb 1981 by order of Amn Sulaimaniya and handed over to al-Tamim Intelligence. No reason is given for his arrest.

His assets, including his house and parcels as well as "movable assets" were confiscated. The fate of his family can not be known from those documents.

IRDP's archive contains thousands of records of arrest that may be tied into the mass graves that are being currently discovered in Iraq. IRDP's archive provides a vehicle for the families of victims to learn the history of their relatives.
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