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Qedri Zana     قادری زانا -

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Qedri Zana
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Kurdistan Welati Me2 Min, 53 Sec RAM Listenکۆردستان وه‌لاتێ مه‌
 Hey Pangelos4 Min, 1 Sec RAM Listenهه‌ی پانگه‌لۆس
 Cawiso Bibexto4 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenکاویسۆ بێبه‌ختۆ
 Haso Jeyrana Chvi Te4 Min, 21 Sec RAM Listenحه‌سۆ حه‌یرانا چه‌وێ ته‌
 Be Xatre Te5 Min, 13 Sec RAM Listenبه‌ خاتره‌ ته‌
Total: 5 Songs 20 Min, 44 Sec 
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Qedri Zana was born in 1960 in Aqres ,a little village near the city Mardin in Kurdistan. He descends from a big family. He has three sisters and eight brothers. He is a fourth son of the family worked on fields. Qedri`s family worked of field and owned cattle.
Qedri went to school just for one year,Then he had to give up school, due to the bad financial situation of his familyand started grazing the sheep. His childhood was a tragical one, Later his family forced by powerty left the willage and settled down in Iskanderun, There he worked hard to help his family and in the same time he started practising the Tanbur(a Kurdish instrument) of his brother. In ashort time he learned to play fairly well and he began playing and singing at weddings and various feasts. In 1987 he imigrated to Europe and conntinued his career...
Birthplace: Mardin - Kurdistan
Website: www.qedrizana.com/
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