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Rebuar Mohamed     رێبوار محمه‌د -

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Rebuar Mohamed
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Chawarwani4 Min, 37 Sec RAM Listenچاوه‌ رۆانی ***بۆ ڕۆحی پا كی دوعا***
 Goshegir4 Min, 38 Sec RAM Listenگۆشه‌ گیر
 Chawi Sarng5 Min, 18 Sec RAM Listenچاوی ساره‌نگ
 Roji Peshimani5 Min, 33 Sec RAM Listenرۆژی په‌شیمانی
 Baste Xorbet5 Min, 47 Sec RAM Listenبه‌سته‌ خوربه‌ت
 Be Zarda Xana5 Min, 55 Sec RAM Listenبه‌ زه‌رده‌ خه‌نه‌
 Xarebetan5 Min, 55 Sec RAM Listenخه‌ریبیتان
 Lim Maprsa6 Min, 7 Sec RAM Listenلێم مه‌پرسه‌
 Bo Nazenin6 Min, 20 Sec RAM Listenبۆ نازه‌نین
 Tik Shkanden6 Min, 34 Sec RAM Listenتێک شکاندن
Total: 10 Songs 56 Min, 44 Sec 
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Brief History for Rebuar Mohamed

Rebuar was born in the Iraqi Kurdistan city of Sulaimaniyah the origin of most of the famous and well-known Kurdish artists, musicians and singers. He started a music band called Soz in 1982, which Rebuar played a major roll of playing as a soul Guitar, also he sang several Kurdish songs, in 1985 Zos team managed to produce the first music album and distributed in the market. The team members of Soz band are as below:

Rebuar Mohamed as a Soul Guitar player.
Rizgar Mohamed, as a Soul Guitar and Keyboard player.
Shwan Norri, as a Drum player.
Mohamed Faozi, as a Keyboard player.
Ahmed Rashid, as a Singer.
Aras Sabeer, as a singer.
Kawa Ali as a singer.
Sirwan Mohamed, as a Violin player.

In year 1995 Rebuar moved to Germany as a permanent move, he has managed to produce a new music album, which contains a ten tracks, this was accomplished with the help of Lanai Dang Studio in Sulaimaniyah/Kurdistan, with the help of the technicians (i.e. Dana Ishmael and Twana Farag).
Birthplace: Sulaimaniyah - Kurdistan
Email: info AT rebuarmusic.com
Website: www.rebuarmusic.com
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