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Rizgar Rizgar     رزگار -

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Rizgar Rizgar
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Memories3 Min, 11 Sec RAM Listenخاترات
 mantha_de_carnival_24 Min, 23 Sec RAM Listenکارنه‌وال مانتا - 2
 mantha_de_carnival_14 Min, 51 Sec RAM Listenکارنه‌وال مانتا - 1
Total: 3 Songs 12 Min, 25 Sec 
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Born in 1977 in Kirkuk, a main city of the Kurdish Iraq. Since early childhood he showed great talent and affection for music. At the age of fifteen Rizgar was offered his first guitar by his elder brother, and he was never separated from it ever since.

In 1998 after graduating and receiving his diploma in music from the College of Fine Arts in Baghdad University, he moved to Jordan looking for more exposure and experience. In this same year he began to teach music at the Modern American School, and played music in different nightspots. In 2000, he joined the Jordan National Music Conservatory and in 2001 the Jordan Academy of Music as a guitar instructor in both institutions.

Influenced by Andre Segovia, George Benson, and the King "Elvis Presley", Rizgar created his own style by mixing his Kurdish culture with American Jazz, Rock’n’roll and Latin notes.

At present Rizgar is settled in Amman- Jordan, active as a music teacher and performer.

Festivals & concerts


1995/ Babylon festival

1998/ Darat El finon (East meets West) Along with virtuso Oud player Raed Khoshaba

2001/Trio Concert with Douze Cordes. (Amman)

2002/ Trio Concert with Douze Cordes (Amman)

2003/Fusion night with Elite group . (Amman)

2005/Kurdish music festival (Iraq )

Birthplace: Kirkuk - که‌رکوک
Email: rizgar AT rizgar.org
Website: www.rizgar.org
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