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Saman Taha     سامان ته‌ها -

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Saman Taha
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Giyane Dlim Meshkine3 Min, 19 Sec RAM Listenگیانه‌ دڵم مه‌شکێنه‌
 Pashimanen3 Min, 54 Sec RAM Listenپه‌شیمانم
 Saman Piano U Silan Omer32 Min, 44 Sec RAM Listenسامان پیانۆ و شیلان عۆمه‌ر
Total: 3 Songs 39 Min, 57 Sec 
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My love to music began from my childhood. It was my dream to be a musician and especially to be able to play piano. When I was a child I used to listen to piano, to me piano was different from any other musical tools. When I was 7 years old I was able to be near to this tool and to learn in an akademik way that this tool has a special alfabet.

I studied in deep classical music especially historical and theorical information about the start and devlopment of this tool. It is worth to be mentioned that I played occordion for tow years as a start for playing piano. After four yers of playing piano and after a hard work in this field, I was accepted as a musician in the Fine Arts Institut to study music in deep.

My study in the Fine Arts Institut helped me to study music seriously so as to be able to serv kurdish music in the future. For five yers in the Fine Arts Institut I was more studing romantic music and deeling with that type of music which played and developed in that age. My greate faivorit musician are (Frdrik Shopin, Franz List, Rahmanninov,
Shostakofeg). I can say that these compossers have a greate impact on developing my works.
Birthplace: Kurdistan
Email: info AT samanpiano.com
Website: www.samanpiano.com

Kurdish music:

I want to use the new classical way in my playing of Kurdish music so as to make a new and special type of Kurdish music. In the year 2000 i publish a CD with name (HEMNIAKI XAMOSH). This CD consisted of 8 pieces of variable music.

5 of them were renewing of Kurdish folklore music, and 2 of them were my own composition and the last was a Russian dance music. After this work, with a few friends, we made a musical group with the name (SAHAND) for song and music. Beside my work as a musician in this group, I worked for child's music. Finely I left Kurdistan and came to Sweden.

I hope that every musician and every singer will be able to serve more the Kurdish music and songs.
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