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Husein Sharifi     حسین شه‌ریفی -

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Husein Sharifi
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Azizem Ashofte Halm Le Gamit7 Min, 17 Sec RAM Listenئه‌زیزم ئاشوفته‌ حالم له‌ غه‌مت
 Dewran Dewran4 Min, 20 Sec RAM Listenده‌وران ده‌وران
 Gem U Renjim Berbae6 Min, 18 Sec RAM Listenغه‌م و ره‌نجم به‌رباده‌
 Menyj Be Tatay Zolfe Xaweket6 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenمه‌نێج به‌ تاتای زۆڵفه‌ خاوه‌که‌ت
 Meqam Shur4 Min, 31 Sec RAM Listenمه‌قام شوور
 Roj7 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenڕؤژ
 Shewy Astire Baran4 Min, 1 Sec RAM Listenشه‌ۆی ئه‌ستێره‌ باران
 Zribar U Behary Beheshty Kurdewary3 Min, 25 Sec RAM Listenزرێبارو به‌هاری به‌هه‌شتی کورده‌واری
Total: 8 Songs 43 Min, 24 Sec 
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Welcome to my site

My name is Husein Sharifi. I was born in the Winter of 1950 in sanandaj, Ghatarchiyan District. Wen I was at the third class of my elementry eduction in 1961, I was taken to the Sanandaj Radio by one of my music teachers, calleal Gresha. My first artistic work was entitlea 'Leyla', which attracted the attention of people in Sannandaj.

Simultanaous with my artistic activity, I was stndying at the Secondary School, and 51 Kurdish songs of my works were broadcasted in Sanandaj, Kermanshah and Tehran Radio.

I began to continue my artistic Career for the Second time in 1990. At this year, I Cooperatea with Kamkars Group, and presented another work in the form of a cassette called "Duri", which was prepared in Cooperation with Mawlana Group supervised by Mohamad Jalil Andalibi it na finally in 2004, a new Cassette & Cd Called "Roj", by me and whit cooreration with Barbod Group superrised by Babal Sharifi was presented.

For the prsent time, I am living in Iran, Sanandaj. I have B.A in administratione Scintes, and have been working in a gorornmental company for the past 29 Years.

I am married and havy a son and a daughter.
Birthplace: Sine - Kurdistan
Website: www.huseinsharifi.com
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