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Sherko Talib     شێرکۆ تالیب -

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Sherko Talib
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Agar Haty Tanya Ware3 Min, 59 Sec RAM Listenئه‌گه‌ر هاتی ته‌نیا وه‌ره‌
 Dilxwazakem3 Min, 59 Sec RAM Listenدڵخۆازه‌که‌م
 Gulim Hishta5 Min, 15 Sec RAM Listenگۆڵێم هێشتا
 Hawary Ashqim , Dura Dura.5 Min, 25 Sec RAM Listenهاواری ئه‌شقێم ، دووره‌ دووره‌
 Tu Goliku Daye Dastim5 Min, 33 Sec RAM Listenتۆ گۆلێکۆ دایه‌ ده‌ستم
 Tamy Liwit7 Min, 34 Sec RAM Listenتامی ڵێوت
Total: 6 Songs 31 Min, 45 Sec 
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Sherko Talib was born in sulaimany , on Augest 12-1971 , Since his childhood he was found in music and songs.

He worked hard to learn about music.In 1994 , he recorded his first work with "Hora group" for T.V.

After that he released tow other songs : "Hawari Ishq and Hana".In 2000 he released his first album -Shini Firqat- .

Now preparing a new album - Wara Hawrem ba - "Be my Friend" which includes 7 song.

Sherko Talib intends to add some renewal on the kurdish music.
Birthplace: Suleymani
Email: info AT sherko-talib.com
Website: sherko-talib.com
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