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Suzana barmani     سوزانا بارمانی -

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Suzana barmani
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Balence Balence Oxey Oxey Belenje4 Min, 11 Sec RAM Listenباله‌نجه‌ باله‌نجه‌ ئۆخه‌ی ئۆخه‌ی باله‌نجه‌
 Dyarbekir Paytexta Hey Lili4 Min, 8 Sec RAM Listenدیاربه‌کر پایته‌ختا ، های لێ لێ ، های لێ لێ
 Soreri Hoyin Mernem3 Min, 12 Sec RAM Listenسۆره‌رێ هۆین مه‌رنم
 Ya Elbi4 Min, 12 Sec RAM Listenیا ئه‌لبی
Total: 4 Songs 15 Min, 43 Sec 
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Suzana Barmani

Suzana Barmani was born 1964, in Ariha, Syria and spent many years of her childhood in the Aleppo and Afrin provinces of Kurdistan.
She finished upper secondary school in 1983 and started studying English in Aleppo in 1984. One year later she went to Bulgaria and studied music for four years at the High School of Music in Sophia. Apart from this, she also studied song and stage performance. Then she took up residence in Sweden. She teached language and also dance and music for children. At the same time she gave concerts, both in Sweden and other countries.
Her first album Le Le was released in August 2004 in both Istanbul and Stockholm. The release was celebrated with a cocktail party and huge attendance from broadcasting media. Now she is working on her second album in Sweden and Turkey.
Birthplace: Ariha - Syria
Website: www.barmani.se/barmani_jian/index2.html
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