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Xero Mele     خێرۆ مه‌لا -

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Xero Mele
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Chend Shirine2 Min, 8 Sec RAM Listenچه‌ند شیرینه‌
 Cirane4 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenجیرانێ
 Dur Ketim1 Min, 58 Sec RAM Listenدوور که‌تێم
 Ser Sala U Newroze1 Min, 36 Sec RAM Listenسه‌ر سال و نه‌ورۆز
 Sirin6 Min, 59 Sec RAM Listenشیرین
Total: 5 Songs 16 Min, 57 Sec 
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Xero Mele started his singing career in 1989. He has been living in Sweden since 1990. He started to sing for Kurdish organisations in Europe and many clubs. Soon he was performing in concerts aboard and in Sweden. Xero can sing in three languages Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic.
Singing live for an audience at a concert is his favourite part of being a singer where he can integrate with the audience.

His music can be descried as dance music where people can dance to.
Birthplace: Kurdistan
Email: website AT xeromele.com
Website: www.xeromele.com/
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