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Hassan Zirak     حه‌سه‌ن زیره‌ک - حسن زیرک

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Hassan Zirak
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Amine Gian3 Min, 22 Sec RAM Listenئامێنه گیان
 Ay Nizam6 Min, 45 Sec RAM Listenئای نیزام
 Badkaran4 Min, 53 Sec RAM Listenبه‌دكاران
 Bawanakay Babem5 Min, 6 Sec RAM Listenباوانه‌كه‌ی بابی من
 Dasmal_Haryry6 Min, 29 Sec RAM Listenده‌سمال حه‌ریری
 Diine Maro9 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenدینه مه‌رو
 Disan Show Hat5 Min, 57 Sec RAM Listenدیسان شه‌و هات
 Govanda Zamavanda9 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenگۆۆه‌نده زه‌ماوه‌نده
 Katanao Katana5 Min, 8 Sec RAM Listenكه‌تانه‌و كه‌تانه
 Kerasi Chyt4 Min, 14 Sec RAM Listenكراسی چیت
 Kermashan Shary Shirinem11 Min, 33 Sec RAM Listenكرماشان شاری شیرینم
 Kijolay Kurdistany5 Min, 24 Sec RAM Listenكیژۆله‌ی كوردیستانێ
 Lay Lay Lay6 Min, 24 Sec RAM Listenلای لای لای
 Lenje Xanem5 Min, 59 Sec RAM Listenله‌نجه خانم
 Maqam1 Min, 39 Sec RAM Listenمه قام
 Sar Naleshekeni4 Min, 49 Sec RAM Listenسه‌ر‌ ناله‌شكێن
 Waku Qomry6 Min, 26 Sec RAM Listenوه‌كو قومری
 Xatuni Lorki6 Min, 22 Sec RAM Listenلوركێ لوركێ
Total: 18 Songs 109 Min, 2 Sec 
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Hesen Zîrek or Hasan Zirak (1921-1972) was born in Hermêle (also Harmila), a small village in Bukan region in North-Western Iran (Eastern Kurdistan). He showed his talent for singing in his early age. In 1953, he left for Iraqi Kurdistan and recorded a great number of songs in Kurdish for the Kurdish section of the Baghdad broadcasting station. In 1957, when he returned to Iranian Kurdistan for cooperation with music band of the Kurdish radio station in Kermanshah, where he recorded many Kurdish songs. Zirek and his wife Midya Zand had two daughters (Arezoo & Sakar) who currently live in Tehran, Iran. Hassan Zirek died from cancer at age 51 in June 26, 1972 and was buried in his native city Bukan, on Nalishkêne mountain one of the most famous mountains of the region which lies close to the city. He is still one of the most popular and well known singers in Kurdistan.
حه‌سهن زیرهک له سالی 1921 له شاری بوکان له دایک بو...
استاد حسن‌ زیرک‌ به‌ سال‌ 1300 در شهر کردنشین‌ بوکان چشم‌ به‌ جهان‌ گشود.
Birthplace: 1921-01-01
Birthplace: Bukan _ Kurdistan
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